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About Borgo Medioevale

The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale Borgo Medioevale offers delicious and nutritious Muscadine Grape products made from the Muscadine grapes of both the Carlos and Noble varieties, grown at our green vineyards in Swansea, South Carolina. Muscadine grapes are one of Nature’s richest sources of polyphenolic antioxidants. In vitro studies have shown positive effects of the antioxidants found in Muscadines against prostate, blood, and colon cancers.

The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale is dedicated to green vineyards and even greener business practices. Feline Victory Rescue supports eco friendly companies like Borgo who are dedicated to cleaner regulations for manufacturing and safer, more harmonious applications of resources.

Green vineyards, such as The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale, as well as organic wineries around the country are adopting new practices and cutting edge technologies for growing and harvesting. Borgo Medioevale’s goal is to enhance local agriculture and create jobs while holding true to the mission of our parent company, LC Development, in fostering the harmonious co-existence of Man, Industry and Nature. The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale has taken steps to ensure its place among respected eco friendly companies by implementing the following procedures at its home offices in Suffolk County, New York, as well as at its green vineyards in Swansea, South Carolina.

Maintaining green vineyards is an integral part of Borgo Medioevale’s business model. The Vineyard at Borgo Medioevale’s harvest of Muscadine grapes are available in a variety of delicious, nutritious and aromatic products such as Muscadine grape cider, red Muscadine preserves and white Muscadine preserves.

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